Hi here! I’m Alice Alonso and I’m the traveller, photographer and writer behind this blog. 

I was born in a very small Spanish town on the Mediterranean coast in 1994. I had a childhood full of nature, cats, dogs and roadtrips across Spain and France with my mother. She is the one who taught me the concepts of Freedom, Self-respect or Love and how important it is to fight for you want no matter how hard it may seem.

I started an engineering at the age of 18 when what I really wanted to do was graphic design but after 5 long years I decided to quit my engineering degree and start fully travelling and self-learning design.

This blog is the result of all my passions, hobbies and goals in life. I’m a very curious person and I can’t stay in one place for too long so travelling is my main way of living; I’m addicted to books and I find extraordinary documenting my own adventures with my personal view; I’m an activist who fights for human and animal rights, to protect the environment and, in general, trys to make a better world so this showcase is perfect to reach as many people as possible and show them how beautiful this planet is and how important is to take care of it.

I love all kind of outdoor sports, travelling with my van and always trying to find unique and hidden places.

This is the beginning of something big!